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The Division of Genomic Medicine was created in 2004 to serve as a focus within the Department of Medicine for clinical care, scholarly research, and genetics education.

In the realm of clinical care, the Division provides an adult genetics inpatient consultation service as well as partnering with the Pediatric Genetics service in providing outpatient care and counseling to adults with rare, complex genetic disorders in themselves or their families. In addition, the Division's founding vision is to form strong partnerships with various subspecialties of internal medicine in order to develop specialized genetics-oriented clinics managed jointly by genomic medicine and the subspecialty physicians. Such a partnership is beginning already in cardiovascular disorders with the launch of the Program in Cardiovascular Genetics within the UCSF Heart and Vascular Center that will focus on familial cardiomyopathies, familial arrhythmias, Marfan syndrome, and adults with corrected congenital heart defects. A similar partnership will begin soon with the highly successful and well-established Cancer Risk Program in the UCSF Cancer Center. Plans for joint clinical activities with the Memory and Aging Center, focusing on hereditary dementias, are also under development.

Scholarly research is a key component of the Division's activities. Research interests of the primary and adjunct members of the Division range from molecular and cellular biological studies of genetic disease to gene discovery to genetic epidemiology and clinical research. The Division is tightly integrated into the new UCSF Institute for Human Genetics.

Education in genetics is the third, important component of the Division's mission. Members of the Division partner with the Pediatric and Reproductive Genetics Divisions in training Genetics Residents and Fellows in the UCSF-Stanford Joint Fellowship, serve as faculty on the NIH-funded Genetics Training Grant, and have a primary role in teaching genetics in the medical school curriculum. Members of the Division are also heavily involved in graduate education in the genetics track of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.