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How do I make a genetics appointment at UCSF?
Check below to see which clinic is right for you. To find out more about that clinic or to book an appointment, call the phone number listed or check their website.

If you are not sure which of these clinics is right for you, call Maura Doherty at (415) 476-2757.

For a Pregnancy
Genetics evaluation or genetic counseling before or during a pregnancy:
     Prenatal Genetics
     (415) 476-4080

Infertility or the use of assisted reproductive technologies (IVF):
     Program in the Genetics of Infertility
     (415) 353-7397
     Male Reproductive Health
     (415) 353-3076

For Children
Genetics evaluation or genetic counseling for a child:
     General Pediatric Genetics Clinic
     Maura Doherty (415) 476-2757

     Neurometabolic Clinic
     Rosemary Dummer (415) 476-9997

For Adults
General genetics evaluation or genetic counseling for an adult:
     General Adult Genetics Clinic
     Maura Doherty (415) 476-2757

Specialty Adult Clinics:
     Cancer Risk Program
     (415) 885-7779

     Familial Heart Disease:
     Cardiovascular Genetics Program
     Julianne Wojciak (415) 476-5541

     Gastrointestinal Cancer Prevention Program
     (415) 885-7481

     Huntington Disease:
     Huntington Disease Program
     Andrea Zanko (415) 476-9320

     Memory loss or a related condition:
     Memory & Aging Center
     (415) 476-6880

Specialty Genetics Clinics for Children and Adults
Clinics which focus on specific hereditary conditions:

     Birth defects of the head and face:
     Craniofacial Clinic
     Kim White (415) 476-2271

     Eye Diseases:
     Ophthalmology Genetics Clinic
     Jessica Palmer (415) 353-2597

     Gaucher, Fabry and other lysosomal storage diseases:
     Center for Lysosomal Storage Diseases
     Rosemary Dummer (415) 476-9997

     NF/Ras Pathway Clinic
     Maura Doherty (415) 476-2757

     Skin Diseases
     Dermatology Genetics Clinic
     Louise Crotwell (415) 353-7800